Fully Known

“And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” John 17:3

Do you ever feel completely misunderstood? Not just with something you said or specific actions, but entirely mis-taken as a person? As if people around you don’t truly know your intentions, your desires, or even your likes and dislikes; like they don’t really know your heart? If your answer is yes… you’re not alone.

I think more often than we like to admit, we feel so utterly out of touch with the people around us. It’s like ‘they know me, but they don’t fully KNOW me.’ What would people say if they could see my daily thoughts, the inner workings of my mind? What would they think if they fully knew my heart?  Maybe, just maybe, they’d love me anyways. But our human tendencies, amid Satan creeping in, tell us we should probably just keep it (whatever it may be) to ourselves.

That’s where the ridiculous awesomeness of our God comes in. And yes, it is ridiculous. He not only sees you, but He truly knows the deepest parts of who you are. He knows what you’ve thought, said and done (insert shocked face here). YET, He loves you just the same. God’s love for you is unwavering, unconditional and never ceasing. He knows each and every day you’ve had and all the days that are still to come. He knows, like with Peter, that you will in some way deny him again. Still, He loves you. Not only does He love you, but He calls you his child — His beloved. How encouraging is that?!

What if we aimed to show that sort of love to those around us (and to ourself)? I think we, as Believers, could cause a chain reaction in our communities by seeking that type of deep connection. Jesus called us to be like him, like God, and to love each other so the world will know we are His. If we start to live from a place that we are fully known and loved by our God, how much more will that trickle into our everyday lives with the people around us? And how might that intensely impact someone near you who doesn’t fully grasp the concept of God’s love? Seeking to truly know and love those around us despite their wrongdoings and flaws (much like our own) can be life changing to them, and you — and me.

I challenge you (as well as myself) to dive deeper into connection with people — especially those we call sisters and brothers in Christ. Connect on a heart level. Take on each day with the life-giving thought that God fully knows and so deeply loves you, every part of you, that He gave His only child that He might one day spend eternity with you.

Go read Romans 8 if you want an extra dose of “wow, Jesus loves me!” And imagine how revitalizing it would be if we tried to meet each other with even an ounce of that type of love.

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