Busy Monday

Monday, April 8, 2019

Monday. A new week. Before my feet hit the floor I’m often consumed with all the things I need to do. Why? Because, doing is my default position. It’s how I answer my big question – Am I valuable?  My insidious temptation is to link my value to my doing.

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God?                          Or am I trying to please man?                                                              Galatians 1:10

Doing can be about seeking the approval of man or the approval of God. It is an effort to be for Christ instead of being in Christ. A part of me says that my work, accomplishments, actions and efforts establish or confirm my value. I must be doing for Christ – get up and get busy. But maybe something is more important, more foundational and even more formative to my value.

What if the most important aspect of today is not what you or I do? Then what is it, you ask? What if the most glorious and beautiful part of today is resting in the reality that you are in Christ? You in Christ and Christ in you!

Will you risk beginning the day with a sober stillness of sensitivity to Christ in you. You are a being – a human being, not a human doing – with the Spirit of the Living God within you. Be still and know He is God. Before the storm of busyness floods your mind, grab hold of the reality that all that ever truly needed to be done has already been done by Christ himself.  He is our redemption, our sanctification, our sustainer, our hope, and our assurance of glory in the new heavens. If we trust that He is enough, He has done it all, then our being in Him is enough.  This perspective changes and out of our being comes truly useful, God-centered doing..

BE before you DO today. God is already pleased with you in Christ.

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