Spread the LOVE for V-Day

Here is an opportunity to or put our faith into action.

Scarlet Hope Valentine

Supporting Scarlet Hope is a way of loving our neighbor as ourselves, with our God given strength! (Mark 12:30-31).

Every day porn, prostitution and strip clubs distort God’s gift of sexuality. They debase the true beauty of women made in God’s image and degrade true love by offering a cunning counterfeit. The damage to women, children and men is profound and dark.

Scarlet Hope is piercing a source of darkness with His love.

On Valentines Day, as the world celebrates romance and love with roses and dinner, we have an opportunity to equip Scarlet Hope to offer His redeeming love to fellow image bearers in the adult entertainment industry.

Do you known that over 85% of women used in “adult entertainment” have been abused and unloved as little girls. Scarlet Hope is brining love and hope and the opportunity for freedom to hurting little girls.

Brothers and sisters, we are a part of a culture that hurts people for profit and self-gratification. This is an opportunity to encourage change and effect healing. Join me in making a gift today.

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